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Boyfriend Who's Desperate for Money Locks His Girl in A Pit for 8 Months [Graphic Photos & Details]

Money is not a bad thing but becoming desperate to the extent that you will do just anything because of cash is stupid. That is the mess many lazy people find themselves; they want to enjoy without work.

Shocking photos have emerged of this beautiful young lady (pictured above) who was recently rescued after her boyfriend who is desperate for wealth lock her spiritually in a deep pit for 8 months.

This terrible incident was said to have happened in Tanzania. The lady spent 8 long months in a deep pit, and her people couldn't find her. He was feeding only twice a week as part of his sacrifice.
The desperately heartless boyfriend has been arrested.

Only God knows if she is till alive. People are heartless.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Korede Bello Opens Up About Headies Controversy, Dating Zahra Buhari

Popular singer, Korede Bello, tells Ademola Olonilua about his career and style. The singer also speaks about the Headies controversy

How do you feel being a recipient of the Headies award?
It shows that God answers prayers and He proved that He was right when He said that we shall always be the head and not the tail. God’s word is beginning to manifest in my life. I feel greatly honoured because I was placed in a category that had other industry heavyweights and musicians that I revere.
It is a great privilege and accomplishment to win the Headies and it means that I am on a path to greatness like my boss, Don Jazzy.

Honestly I did not think I would win because my song, Godwin, was put against some of my favourite songs of 2015 but then again, I expected God to win in the situation. I did not plan for it and I was short of words when I was called on the stage.
I did not even get to appreciate all the people I wanted to acknowledge. It was when I got off stage that I began to remember some names I should have acknowledged. I appreciate everyone who has been and would be blessed by my songs.

You were also in the category for the contentious Next Rated category that sprang up some controversy. What is your opinion on the drama that happened over that award?
The next rated category is one that is highly rated among singers and being nominated alone is a big deal to me because past winners have done very well for themselves after the awards. However, winning does not guarantee your success or showmanship as a musician.
Firstly, I am grateful to the organisers of the award for nominating me and I I’m extremely happy.
Regarding the controversy, Reekado Banks had a good year in 2015 and he is a hard worker. He deserves everything he gets. Kiss Daniel also did very well last year; he had three hit songs last year and some of the songs are my favourite.
Lil Kesh, my brother, also had back to back hits last year. It should be a big deal for anyone who was nominated, but it is only one person that would take home the prize. It is a voting category and I guess the fans chose their favourite.

Do you think the whole rancor that sprang up as a result of that award was necessary?
Certain situations spark up spontaneous reactions. I am sure the parties involved in the controversy would be remorseful after the event because nobody wants to be associated with something negative.
It was a spur of the moment reaction because we are humans and we have blood running through our veins. We have opinions to express; it is just the way that we pass our opinion that matters.
People have a right to be angry and they have a right to express their opinion. They have a right to defend themselves, their friends, and their songs. I think everybody just wants to be better and they want what is best for their team. That is all I can say.

How come you did not tweet about the incident like some of your label mates?
I am studying Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I know better than to speak while a controversy is at its peak.
It is better to just keep quiet and let everything play out. I actually tweeted before the event where I wrote that, ‘tonight we celebrate together’, and we actually celebrated together. The best thing to do in moments like that is just to remain at the background and not react to criticism immediately.

What is your reaction to Etcetera’s negative article about your song with Asa?
I don’t think the article was objective. I read the article and Etcetera is a freelance writer who does not speak the opinion of the people. He says what he feels.
I have read some of his past articles and they are the same, he says what he thinks and feels is right and I feel everyone has a right to their opinion. Etcetera, being a musician, might feel that there are some certain elements missing in a song, but I see tweets from fans, I hear my song being played across radio stations in Africa and people tell me that they love the song and feel blessed by it.
That is all that matters to me. I am not doing music for it to be anaylsed, I am doing music for people to feel blessed and inspired to do great things. I do music for my message to impact on people’s lives and not for people to say that I did not sing a particular note properly or spell a word right.
That is not my goal. My goal is to make people happy and as long as people are being blessed by my songs, that is all that matters.

Do you think you can do a song that would be as impactful as Godwin again?
Godwin is a very powerful song but I want to assure my fans that we have recorded some very fantastic songs. We even had song that were ‘Godwin worthy’ before we recorded Godwin.
But you can’t deny the fact that there are some elements in Godwin that cuts across all demography. Everyone can relate to the song and you don’t get those kinds of songs easily. Even if you do a song that is better than it, just because some segments of people cannot relate to it, they might feel it is not like Godwin. Godwin was divinely inspired and it was a God project and I pray God blesses my other projects too.

You tried inventing a dance step for Godwin which many people believe was a flop. Do you agree with them?
It was not a flop and to set the record straight, I did not invent the dance step. I saw a little boy do the dance step on Youtube so I incorporated the dance step.
I felt it was a funny dance step and a hilarious way to express oneself.
I also wanted people to talk because it took us a while to release the video. It was a risk that we took because people already had in their mind what they wanted the video to look like.
I needed them to talk about something and take their minds away from the fact that we released the video late. I did not invent the dance and I would love to meet the kid someday.
I found the memes on the internet hilarious and that meant that more people went to watch the video online. People actually do the dance step especially when I am performing the song. They can relate with it.

How have you been able to cope with schooling?
I know that education is priority and it takes you pass where your talent places you. Education is priority for me and I am making sure that I do my best to come out with good grades. I also want to use my life as an example and inspiration for some other people out there.
No matter what your talent is, it is never enough. You need education because the spotlight is only there for a while. It would not be on you forever, not because you are not talented enough but because someone new has to come on board. When times like that come, you fall back to your education.

What inspired your jerry curls hairdo that is fast becoming your trademark?
It has been a while that I have been keeping this jerry curls. The only difference is that now that I am more successful, the hair is curlier. I love Michael Jackson and I decided to imbibe some of his style. I also did the hair to make me different and unique.
I want to stand out from the crowd and also make people talk about me. I am sure when people hear jerry curls, the first name that comes to mind is Korede Bello.
The 80s inspired this look, during Michael Jackson’s era. A lot of people had this hairdo during that time. It is a classic and vintage look. Michael Jackson’s own was longer than mine.

You look buffed, how often do you go to the gym?
When the money comes, some physical attributes start to change. I have expansive muscles but I actually do not go to the gym. I just noticed that my body has become more buff but I think it is because of my work.
I do a lot of dance rehearsals and by so doing, my muscles get to flex up more. But I do not go to the gym. I just do the basic exercises but dancing alone is enough exercise for me.

When you started your career you were always putting on beads but it seems you have stopped…

I am an African prince and I still wear beads but not as much as I used to except I am trying to pull off a particular look. I am also a Woodin ambassador so most of the time, I wear their fabric and beads go with African fabrics.

What would you never be caught wearing?
I don’t know. I don’t think there is anything I can’t wear. If anything that people don’t like, I probably put it on so that people would talk about it.
There is nothing that my consciousness would not permit me to wear except it is socially unaccepted or it is immoral. I also don’t like to look older than my age whenever I dress, I aspire to look simple and elegant.

What is your fashion fetish?
I am not a very tall person so I like to wear outfits that make me look taller than I am. I don’t wear fez caps and snapbacks again because I have to show my jerry curl but sometimes I feel my dressing is not complete without them.

Was there ever a time in your life you prayed to be taller?
Definitely, when I was in school, there was this girl that I liked a lot but she was taller than me so I used to disturb God a lot to make me taller.
But I grew up and realised that there is more to life than being tall. I mean some of the greatest people on earth are short people and height has nothing to do with love. If someone truly loves you, your physical attributes won’t matter.
Even people that are physically challenged get married. You realise that life is about purpose. You are created the way you are for a purpose and to fulfill someone’s needs and to be a blessing to others. God did not make a mistake creating you the way you are.

What item can’t you leave home without?
That would be my watch and my ring.

What is your most expensive fashion item?

I do not know because I do not check price tags anymore but I think it would be my shoes because I like shoes and I shop for them a lot.

Are you in a relationship?
I get this question a lot on twitter and the truth is that I am single although I have a few crushes. I am very much single and available.

Is it that you haven’t found a girl you like?
It is not about finding a girl that I like but more of priority for me. I feel it is still too early for a relationship and I might get distracted because I am a romantic person and I give all I have to my relationship. Right now, I have a lot on my mind, I have music and I have school, so I am trying to balance that.

Did you ever date DJ Cuppy?
Cuppy is my friend and I love her. There was one that I was with Zahra Buhari as well and people began to speculate. They are my people and that is it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

See Topless Lady Begging A Policeman for Help (photos)

Looks like the lady is a Pr0stitute who was caught, as someone is dragging her by her pants but she is begging the policeman not to allow them take her away. I can’t think of another reason for this public nuisance.

I Will Kick Nigerians Out of the United States-Donald Trump

American Billionaire and Republican Presidential Front-runner, Donald Trump, has shot a subtle warning to the Nigerian Community in the United States, after he said all Nigerians would be made to leave the country “when he becomes President”.
He made the “threat” during a rally at Wichita, Kansas. According to Donald Trump, Nigerians ad Mexicans have taken all the jobs meant for honest hard working Americans.
“To Make America great again, we need to get rid of the Muslims, Mexicans and the Africans, especially the Nigerians.
They take all our jobs, jobs meant for honest hard working Americans, and when we don’t give them the jobs, the Muslims blow us up”, Trump said.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Outrage As primary Four Girl aged 8 is Married in Zaria

Although millions of eight-year-old girls in Nigeria are presently playing or disturbing their mothers for more noodles, there is one particular eight-year-old girl who is now a married woman.
It has been confirmed that two days ago, a marriage ceremony was conducted between a rather curious couple: the bride is eight years of age and she is in primary four (we are presently still getting more information on the groom but initial reports say he is aged 14 and is in SS1).

They are of the Baba Ahmed family in Zaria and this is reportedly not the first of such marriages they have conducted. Sources told Abiyamo that although the marriage has indeed been formalized between the two lovers, there will be no sexual intercourse until at least they finish their secondary school education.

It is unclear if there will be other marital duties such as cooking, living together or going for romantic time outings.  We are still getting more updates on the story and will be updating as we get them. The marriage has raised a lot of controversy among Nigerians. Some are totally outraged at the concept of wedding between minors and even say it is unconstitutional as the bride is not of age and she did not give her consent while others say there is nothing wrong with it.
 (The News Mongers)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

9 Key Facts about the Deadly Lassa Fever

Lassa fever is an acute viral illness that occurs in West Africa. The illness was discovered in 1969 when two missionary nurses died in Nigeria, West Africa. The cause of the illness was found to be Lassa virus, named after the town in Nigeria where the first cases originated. The virus, a member of the virus family Arenaviridae, is a single stranded RNA virus and is zoonotic or animal borne.

In areas of Africa where the disease is endemic (that is, constantly present), Lassa fever is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. While Lassa fever is mild or has no observable symptoms in about 80% of people infected with the virus, the remaining 20% have a severe multisystem disease. Lassa fever is also associated with occasional epidemics, during which the case fatality rate can reach 50%
Important facts about Lassa fever include:
  1. Definition: Lassa fever is an acute viral disease caused by the Lassa virus which belongs to the arenavirus virus family.
  1. Origin: It was first discovered in Nigeria in 1969 after the unexpected death of two missionary nurses.
  1. Location: The disease is primarily predominant in West Africa – Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
  1. Animal host: The multimammate rodent species is the only known carrier of the virus, and it is mostly found in West Africa.
  1. Number of deaths: Approximately 5,000 deaths have occurred in the region because of the disease with approximately 100,000 to 300,000 infections.
  1. How humans are infected: This takes place through various means including contact with multimammate rodent excretions (urine and droppings) or food items containing them, inhaling particles in the air with these excretions and thirdly, the consumption of rodent meat.
  1. Symptoms: These usually become visible 1-3 weeks after infection. They include yellowing of eyes, vomiting, headaches, etc.
  1. Treatment: The disease is treatable with the antiviral drug, Ribavrin, which is considered most effective when given at the early stages of the disease infection.
  1. Prevention: Homes should be thoroughly fumigated and food items covered to prevent contamination. Eating of rodent meat (as bush meat) should also be prohibited.
Additional information

      Avoid contact between rats and human beings;
  • Keep your house and Environment clean
  • Cover all foods and water properly.
  • Cook all foods thoroughly
  • Store foodstuffs in rodent proof containers
  • Block all rat hideouts
  • If you suspect that rat has eaten any food, discard it

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Touching Story of Ofonime Inuk Who was Kept as a Slave for 24 years by Nigerian Doctor and Nurse Wife in UK (Photos)

This is the touching story of a Nigerian orphan named Ofonime Inuk who was just 14 when Emmanuel Edet, 61, and his wife, senior nursing sister Antan, lured him away from his home country with the promises of a better life in the UK, only to forcefully make him their slave for more than two decades working 17 hours a day in the suburban home. This story shared on Dailymail is a touching one.
Once Inuk set foot in their west London home in December 1989, Mr Inuk, now 40, had his passport taken and soon discovered the couple intended for him to be their slave for life. He was made to cook and clean the house, eat his meals alone, and help raise the couple’s sons as they travelled the country working for a number of NHS trusts.
The house Ofonike was made to perform slave duties
And at the end of his gruelling 17-hour day Mr Inuk would curl up on a thin foam mattress in the hallway of the property. After spending decades trapped in servitude, afraid of being cast out on the street with nowhere else to go, Mr Inuk finally sought help from charity Hope For Justice and later reported the Edets.
But speaking today Mr Inuk said he forgives the couple, and said he even ‘felt a bit sorry for them’ when he learned they had been arrested. The couple, who told friends and family that Mr Inuk was their adopted son, were sentenced to six years in prison each after being convicted of cruelty to a child under 16, servitude and assisting unlawful immigration.
He slept in this small space and with his few belongings for years
Speaking about his tormentors, Mr Inuk said:‘They’d been in my life for 24 years, so I kind of felt a bit sorry for them, even though they’d treated me so badly.
‘I’d become almost attached to them because they’d controlled my teen and adult life. ‘I’m still angry. I will forgive them – what else can I do? – but I’ll never forget them.

‘I’m not going to get my life back, it’s gone now. Twenty-four years of my life have been wasted.
‘I know I have a lot ahead, but I’ve missed a lot. It makes me so sad to think about those wasted years, and they just didn’t care. They were playing God with my life.’
A list of handwritten chores Ofonike was made to mandatorily perform without pay for years Harrow Crown Court heard how Mr Inuk became scared of the couple after realising they would not pay him or send him to school.
In a police interview, he said he was known as a ‘house boy’, adding:‘My role is to stay in the house … I always do everything in the house, sir … clean, cook, wash car, the gardening, ironing … or maybe like a slave. That’s called slavery.’
 The tiny space Ofonike was forced to sleep for years
With no official paperwork, no money and nowhere else to go, Mr Inuk said he had no choice but to stay at the Edets’ home in Perivale, West London.
‘When they went to work, they’d take the keys and lock all the bedrooms. If I went out, I wouldn’t have been able to come back,’he said.
‘I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I didn’t want to sleep on the streets. It was very tough on my mental state. Nobody was there to help me. I even thought about suicide.’
Mr Inuk also told of how he was banned from entering certain rooms unless he was cleaning them.
‘From the very day I arrived in the UK, they mistreated me,’he said.‘I wrote my family back home, but I asked them not to write back. [The Edets] would go through my stuff and I didn’t want to find myself in trouble.
‘They made me do everything in the house. Cook, wash, iron, clean – everything, every day. I didn’t count hours. I just worked from when I woke up to when I went to bed.
‘They’d control what I wore because I didn’t have any money to buy my own clothes. I didn’t have a choice. Whatever they gave me, that’s what I wore.
‘A few times for Christmas I was given around £10, but never enough money to go out on my own.’
He was denied access to the main house unless when he is cleaning
In a stark contrast to his own life, the Edets’ biological sons were allowed to go to school, and went on to forge successful careers as a City analyst and a solicitor.
‘Their other sons wouldn’t do anything in the house. They went to school, but I wasn’t allowed to,‘ recalled Mr Inuk.‘[Mr and Mrs Edet] told me that school and an education wasn’t for everyone.
‘I don’t have any problem with the sons. It’s not their fault. It’s their parents’ fault.
‘They were so young when I first arrived. I used to talk to them when they were in the house, then when they moved out, I had nobody.’
He had restricted access to the kitchen too while the children of the man enjoyed like lords
The only glimmer of normality in Mr Inuk’s gruelling 17 hour days came from being allowed to listen to the radio as he worked. In December 2013 when the Edets had gone to Nigeria for Christmas, he caught – completely by chance – a BBC Radio Five Live programme in which human trafficking and slavery charity Hope for Justice were mentioned. Previously, he had sought help from the police and social services. Without his passport, though, he received little assistance, aside from being told to visit his embassy. But, realising there were others out there who could help him, he set about contacting the charity.
‘After I finished my work, there was nothing else to do but sit in the kitchen and stare at the wall, listening to the radio,’ he recalled. ‘The radio was my lifeline. It was the only thing they let me have.
‘When I heard the show, I went to the library to contact the charity. The Edets would let me go to the library if they had visitors because the wanted to pretend I was working or going to college.’
After Hope for Justice heard about Mr Inuk’s grave situation, they convinced him to speak to the Metropolitan police. Mr and Mrs Edet were then arrested in March 2014. During their trial, Harrow Crown Court heard that the sum Mr Inuk was owed for his years of work ran well into six figures, and that their horrendous treatment had left him ‘conditioned’ to his plight.
Sentencing the couple to six years each for cruelty to a child under 16, servitude and assisting unlawful immigration, Judge Graham Arran said: ‘He was conditioned to the extent that that he did not ask for what he wanted because he expected his request to be refused.
‘He was paid the occasional pocket money of perhaps £10. He claims that that was only at Easter and Christmas and occasionally visitors would give him larger sums.
‘He most certainly was not paid for the work that he was performing for you.
‘The most serious aspect of your behaviour towards him was that it went on for an exceptionally long period of time, robbing him of the opportunity of leading a normal life.
‘He suffered as a result of that treatment and has found it difficult to adjust (to) a normal life.’
Following the Edets’ imprisonment, Mr Inuk is attempting to piece his life back together. Now working, he has left London, but does not wish to reveal his location. He also soon hopes to visit his family, who has has not seen in more than 20 years, back home in Nigeria.
‘I’m still in touch with my family back home. They’re so happy all this is over,’he said.
‘I haven’t seen them since I came to the UK, but I’m hoping to see them in maybe two years time. I want to get myself together first.
‘I have a lot of plans now. I want to go to university but I’m not sure what I’ll study. I’m keeping my options open.
‘Now, I pay my own rent. I’m not living on government help. I work and pay my taxes.
‘It’s been hard to adjust. I’m used to being on my own, so I find it difficult to have close friends. I tend to spend a lot of time inside my house. I don’t know why.
‘I’m responsible for myself now, where before I was always told what to do.
‘I haven’t told many people in my new life about what’s happened. I want to leave it behind me and move on.’
When asked what he would say to other slavery victims out there who may be suffering in silence, Mr Inuk said: ‘Report it. There are people to help you.
‘I want to thank Hope for Justice as well as my lawyer Caroline Carberry and investigating officers Steve Taylor and Andy Nolan of the Metropolitan police.
‘I wish I had known about Hope for Justice Years ago. Maybe then I’d have been out of the house a long time ago,
‘It was just by luck I was listening to the radio that morning.’

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Legendary Singer Natalie Cole Passes Away At 65

Singer Natalie Cole, famous for “This Will Be” and “memorable,” a virtual duet with her father, the iconic Nat King Cole, has passed away today at 65.
 Cole, who had canceled several recent performances and struggled with Hepatitis C, died in a Los Angeles hospital. TMZ reports the cause of death as congestive heart failure.
Cole’s soulful, sincere voice is being remembered by those she inspired and will be deeply missed.
Today, we are listening and singing along to "This Will Be" to honor the incomparable Natalie Cole.

[PICTURES] Adewale Ayuba’s Daughter’s Weds In Lagos

Famous Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba and his wife gave out their daughter, Tiwalade’s hand in marriage in Lagos stat,The occasion which was attended by popular celebrities.

more pictures below:

Rat on a plane' forces Air India flight to turn back

A "suspected rat sighting" in the cabin forced an Air India plane carrying more than 200 passengers to return to Mumbai almost three hours into a flight to London, the airline said Thursday. Air India said it had decided to turn back the flight "keeping passenger safety in mind", even though the rodent's presence was not confirmed. Rats pose a serious threat to the safety of flights as they can chew through wires and damage internal controls. "Air India gives utmost importance to safety. Our engineering team is investigating the incident," an airline statement said. "A standby aircraft was made available to fly the passengers to London. The aircraft with the suspected rodent will be fumigated as per procedure in such cases of rodent sighting."

An airline official who did not want to be named put the number of passengers at over 200. It is not the first time an Air India flight has been grounded over rodents. In July, a plane en route to Milan had to return to Delhi after a suspected rat sighting. India's state carrier has not made a profit since 2007.

A "suspected rat sighting" in the cabin forced an Air India plane carrying more than 200 passengers to return to Mumbai almost three hours into a flight to London, the airline said Thursday. Air India said it had decided to turn back the flight "keeping passenger safety in mind", even though the rodent's presence was not confirmed. Rats pose a serious threat to the safety of flights as they can chew through wires and damage internal controls. "Air India gives utmost importance to safety. Our engineering team is investigating the incident," an airline statement said. "A standby aircraft was made available to fly the passengers to London. The aircraft with the suspected rodent will be fumigated as per procedure in such cases of rodent sighting."
Read more at:

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